adds ecoPayz as fifth payment option!

Currently, has four payment methods on their site:

1. iDeal, available to customers in all of the Netherlands
2. Bancontact / Mistercash for customers living in Belgium
3. GiroPay for customers in Germany
4. And Sofort for people living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic

Although these four payment options cover a large portion of European countries, is looking to expand by incorporating even more payment options.

Today, launched ecoPayz as a fifth payment option on their platform. ecoPayz is a very popular payment system for the gaming sector, as well as everyday purchases. ecoPayz customers can now buy bitcoin with their ecoPayz wallet or ecoPayz mastercard.

Keep an eye out for payment methods like Neteller, POLi, CASHU, and of course, Visa/MasterCard. These payments are in the works right now and should go live very soon!

Visit our website at to become part of this evolution of money by buying Bitcoin today!

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Berlin: Bitcoin-friendly city and destination

Germany, like several other European countries, has started to recognize bitcoin as a form of currency. How to regulate this new digital currency has kept the German government and financial departments busy, but there is no doubt that German vendors and consumers can use this currency as a means to pay for goods and services.

Berlin has been the major German city to embrace the exchange of bitcoin with the first bitcoin-accepting bar, Room77, along with the EpicenterBitcoin podcasts. Additionally, the Bitcoin Meetup meets in Berlin, where many of the attendees are active members in the Federal Association of Bitcoin, a group that aims to protect the rights of the bitcoin community.

This is the major reason that cryptocurrencies have been able to gain so much traction in the German capital — residents are open-minded about this new digital trend and continue to embrace the possibility for a crypto economy.

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Netherlands leading the way with “Bitcoin Boulevards” in major cities

The Netherlands, though relatively small when compared to other European countries with a population of about 17 million, is proving to be a major player on the world stage when it comes to embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2014, when bitcoin was still somewhat new, Arnhem, one of the larger cities in the Netherlands and closer to the German border, became the first city to have general supermarkets that accept bitcoin.

Since May of 2014, more and more shop owners joined the supermarkets and started accepting bitcoins as well, so there is a greater diversity of products that people can pay for with cryptocurrency.

More recently, back in March of this year, Hendrik Jan Hilbolling and Peter Klassen convinced ten different merchants, who owned shops set up along a canal in the Hague, to start accepting bitcoin as payment in their stores. This line of shops is now referred to as the first “Bitcoin Boulevard” in the Netherlands. The Boulevard includes nine restaurants as well as an art gallery.

This breakthrough idea has attracted a lot of attention from the media. The concept of a bitcoin boulevard makes the statement that a city is open to new technology as our global economy shifts towards a crypto economy.

In the Netherlands there is an abundance of places where you can pay with bitcoins. Many of those places are online shops, but we can find nice spots all over the country where you can sit down and spend your bitcoins on a nice meal or a cool drink.

Here are some other well-known places within the Netherlands that are now accepting bitcoin as payment:


Looking for accommodation that accepts bitcoin? easyHotel Amsterdam City Centre and Cocomama Hotel are two hotels in the very popular and trendy “Pijp” neighborhood just south of the scenic canal rings of the historic Amsterdam city centre that allows guests to book their stay and pay with bitcoins.

As for sightseeing, the Netherlands is known for biking as the main form of transportation. Starbikes in Amsterdam allows you to rent bikes with bitcoin for as little as 5 euros for half a day.

If biking isn’t necessarily your thing, Amsterdam Boat Events, offers a series of bitcoin-friendly options for spending a portion of your trip on the lovely canals that Amsterdam is known for.

Head over to Cafe Kobalt, which is within walking distance of Amsterdam’s Central Station for a bite to eat or a quick drink, and of course, you can pay with bitcoin.


Delft has a great variety of pubs and restaurants, but a popular favourite is De Waag — the first restaurant accepting bitcoins in The Netherlands. It is situated on the “Markt”, which is the main square in Delft. It offers not only great cappuccinos and pastries, but it is also located in a beautiful, traditional Dutch-style building.

3. ONLINE is a popular food delivery service in the Netherlands, and for the past six months has been accepting bitcoin as payment. Now it is even easier to pay for food delivered straight to your door.

Living in the Netherlands and have iDeal? Join this evolution of money and visit today to start purchasing your bitcoins today!

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Bitcoin made easy – 3 simple steps with

Do you live in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Austria? Do you have iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort or GiroPay and want to buy bitcoin? provides a solution in these three simple steps:

1. Go to by clicking here. is an online platform that makes buying bitcoins accessible to everyone in the EU with the four payment methods listed above.

2. Enter the euro or bitcoin amount you wish to exchange for and select one of the four payment options
Bitmoney is working on incorporating more payment methods in the near future to extend their reach to even more countries in Europe.

Bitmoney gives you the option to add to an existing e-wallet. Or, for customers that do not already have one set up, Bitmoney creates one automatically with the email address provided.

3. Fill out your customer details and you’re done!
When you create an account with, you will be able to buy additional bitcoins (and potentially other cryptocurrencies) through our site and keep all of your funds in one place. is a safe and secure solution to buying bitcoins. Join this evolution of money and visit our site today to start purchasing bitcoins!

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Bitcoin, Ethereum… Okay, but what about Litecoin?

The big two cryptocurrencies that everyone seems to be focusing their attention on are bitcoin and ethereum. Both are very strong and have seen significant gains in the last year. But have you heard about litecoin?

Litecoin, though not as high in value as bitcoin and ethereum, has had a boost in the recent months as well. Now at about $52 per litecoin, this cryptocurrency is also proving to be popular amongst crypto-enthusiasts looking to fill the e-wallets with solid investments.

Like bitcoin and ethereum, litecoin is fully decentralized without any control from central authorities. The blockchain network is completely secure, allowing individuals who own this cryptocurrency to be in full control of their finances. Litecoin owners also get to experience faster transaction confirmation. With more substantial support from the crypto industry, liquidity and trade volume, litecoin will surely compliment bitcoin in the future as a cryptocurrency.

Because of this potential, is looking to incorporate litecoin purchase and exchange on their site. Users will soon be able to exchange litecoins for bitcoins (and vice versus), as well as purchasing litecoin directly from

If is already your favorite bitcoin purchasing platform and you are looking to fill your e-wallet with even more cryptocurrency, keep checking back for updates about integrating litecoin into this platform.

If you don’t already have an e-wallet, Bitmoney will create one for you automatically, or if you haven’t tried to purchase with, join this evolution of money and visit the site today to start investing in bitcoin!

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What do I choose: bitcoin or ethereum?

Our economy has slowly started shifting to a crypto economy with all of these digital currencies in circulation now. There are currently over 900 cryptocurrencies available, and that number continues to grow. With 900+ cryptocurrencies, people have a wide variety of options to fill their e-wallets with.

In recent news, the real crypto battle seems to be between bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that was created nine years ago, and ethereum, which is still relatively new but has gained quite some traction in the past three or so years. So which one is better to buy?

Off the bat, a fair amount of people would say that bitcoin is the better cryptocurrency because it has been around the longest and has the highest value per coin. However, ethereum, though not as “old” and lower in value, has some interesting aspects that bitcoin does not have.

Most people know ethereum for its smart contract technology. Smart contracts are a vital aspect of the cryptocurrency itself as well as the blockchain industry since they allow people to create decentralized applications and agreements. Bitcoin is looking to integrate this protocol soon since it lacks the decentralized application possibilities. However, it is predicted that this technology will be relatively mainstream in terms of cryptocurrency in the future. But for now, ethereum has the technological edge over bitcoin from this perspective.

Bitcoin and ethereum also differ in the number of coins that are in circulation. There are significantly fewer bitcoins than ethereum ethers. The supply of bitcoins is capped at 21 million whereas ethereum has 92+ million — and more are being mined each day.

Ethereum is not the only cryptocurrency without a fixed supply cap, but this lack of a maximum coin circulation limit could lead to issues in the future. Bitcoin is much safer in this regard because there is a finite supply available for people to buy.

Both, bitcoin and ethereum, in the past few months have seen significant gains in overall value. The increase in the value of bitcoin has been a bit more steady over time and percentage-wise smaller than ethereum, but bitcoin has also been in circulation for longer. Ethereum on the other hand, has seen faster, more exponential gains.

Also noteworthy, the value of ethereum is inversely proportional to price of bitcoin, meaning that when the value of bitcoin increases, the value of ethereum will tend to go down a bit until stabilizes and vice versus. Both of these cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile; when there is a shift in the market, bitcoin and ethereum have proven to correct themselves within a few hours of the price change.

For the current market, bitcoin is clearly the more dominant and consistent cryptocurrency, while ethereum seems to being trying to stabilize a bit more. Bitcoin is the “keystone” in cryptocurrency — the value of all cryptocurrencies depends on how bitcoin is performing, and ethereum is no exception to that.

At the moment, makes it possible for people within the EU to purchase bitcoins with their user-friendly, safe, and secure transaction platform. They accept four popular online payment methods, including iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, and GiroPay. They also have bank transfers and Visa/Mastercard payment options in the works. is also looking to expand even more by incorporating different cryptocurrencies into their platform — ethereum included. Additionally, would also like to incorporate the option to buy litecoin, with its recent boost in value.

Join this evolution of money today by purchasing your bitcoins (and soon other cryptocurrencies as well) via! Don’t have a wallet yet? Not a problem! will create one for you automatically, not extra hassle. Visit our site today!

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, social media…OH MY!

After having to forcefully shut down for a month due to excessive traffic, has successfully relaunched their bitcoin exchange platform along with a few social media accounts.

With some time off to reconstruct and fix the site, the Bitmoney team created several mainstream social accounts for new and returning customers to keep up with everything

For the relaunch, is keeping their four traditional payment methods: iDeal for customers from the Netherlands, Bancontact for customers from Belgium, GiroPay for customers from Germany, and Sofort for customers from Germany, Austria, Italy, and several other western European countries.

Although this is a very solid customer base and target group,’s main goal is to expand even more, meaning that they are looking to incorporate even more payment methods. Currently, the payment method “on deck” is IBAN/SWIFT, allowing customers to do a simple bank transfer in exchange for the oh-so-valuable bitcoin. is also planning on incorporating Visa/Mastercard in the next coming months, so keep an eye out!

For reviews on the site, click here and see what the bitcoin community thinks about Visit our site yourself to become part of this evolution of money by purchasing your own bitcoins today!

Join the bitcoin hype and follow @bitmoneyeu on Instagram and Twitter. Also, don’t forget to “like” Bitmoney on Facebook.

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The best time to buy bitcoin was last year, the second best time to buy is now

Everyone is talking about bitcoin…or blockchain..or cryptocurrencies. There is buzz everywhere. If you do not know exactly what bitcoin is, you have at least heard of it. Simply put, Bitcoin is essentially an encryption key that is kept in the ledger of the individual trader. If you own this special encryption key, you are capable of trading bitcoin for goods, services, and various other types of cryptocurrencies.

The value of bitcoin is controlled by the total value of goods in transit via bitcoin trade or transfer as payment. Thus, as more and more trades are made to buy bitcoins, the bitcoin value will continue to increase proportionally with transactions.

With traditional currency, the fluctuation in value can be controlled by the government by restricting supply and demand as much as needed. However, with digital currency, the government cannot control the supply. So with more and more transactions being made, the supply of bitcoin will only continue to increase, and in turn, increase in value.

So the question is: should you buy bitcoin or should you hold off for now?

In the last 12 months, the total number of bitcoins in circulation rose by about ten percent, the trading volume on major bitcoin exchanges and platforms is structurally higher, and the average number of transactions per blockchain block is also structurally higher. That is quite the amount of progress and growth in the past year.

Bitcoin is making some serious coin right now for serious traders as there is an increasing demand from investors who see bitcoin as a useful hedge/allocation when putting together their portfolios. As our economy shifts to a crypto economy, we could very well get to a point where cryptocurrencies are the only acceptable form of payment.

There are also several online markets that make purchasing and exchanging bitcoins very easy and accessible to everyone, but prices are extremely sensitive to fluctuation and vary depending on the platform.

Since the price of bitcoin has fallen slightly in the recent weeks, now is an excellent time to buy. However, since bitcoin is so volatile, the price, after reaching an unexpected low, has already started to increase yet again. Stock up your wallet now while prices are still low and watch your investment grow.

Visit and join this evolution of money by purchasing your bitcoins today!

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So what is it like to own the almighty bitcoin?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become the hot new buzzwords in technology and banking sectors. This new revolutionary form of currency is really stirring up the conversation about how people can handle their money. Despite the hype, there is still some skepticism around bitcoins. So what is it actually like to own bitcoins (or cryptocurrencies, in general)? What are some of the perks, per se? Well…

After you have purchased bitcoins, access is completely yours; no one else can access your bitcoins, meaning you do not have to worry about third party involvement at all. Pretty nice, right? Unless users make their wallet addresses public, transactions are completely private and safe.

Even if users did make their wallet addresses accessible to the public, no one would be able to trace transactions back to them, thus still keeping the amount of bitcoins any single user has anonymous. Wallet addresses can also be easily regenerated, increasing privacy of your money when compared to traditional currency systems.

With this high level of privacy, it makes it very difficult to steal bitcoins. It is only possible to steal Bitcoins if someone physically has access to a user’s computer, mobile device, etc. where their account can be accessed, and they send the bitcoins to their private account directly. Sounds like mission impossible, almost.

Besides being safe and secure, bitcoins are also easy to send. You can send bitcoin directly to anyone in the world and fast, including international transactions as well. All bitcoin transactions incredibly efficient. You do not need to wait for days on end for wire transfers to clear with the bank.

Once you have made your bitcoin transaction, you also avoid the risk of charge-backs. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. When a transaction is made, only the bitcoin receiver as access to the associated private key. They are the only person that can change the ownership of the bitcoins. This ensures that there is no risk involved when receiving bitcoins.

On top of that, did you know that bitcoins are tax-free? With no third-party interactions, there is no viable way to implement a tax system over bitcoins.

Are you convinced now? Curious to give bitcoin a try? We at have created a platform that makes purchasing bitcoin easy and accessible to everyone. Visit our site to make your first (hopefully of many) bitcoin transaction. Experience what it is like to own this incredible breakthrough currency today!

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BYOB – Be Your Own Bank: only a few reasons why Bitcoin is better than banking

Cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin, have become the hot new topic in recent news, particularly in banking, but why? We’ve put together a short list of reasons below as to why bitcoin is better than traditional banking systems:

1. You do not need permission to use bitcoin
Normally, opening a bank account or applying for a credit card is a long and very drawn-out paperwork process, making it a hassle for customers in the end. However, bitcoin is free and accessible to everyone! (That’s what is doing, anyways).

2. Bitcoin is trans-national digital currency
There is no third party involvement when trying to exchange bitcoins or in bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin makes it easier to not only transfer funds across nations, but it also maintains a thorough back-end ledger of transaction history.

3. No spending limits
Banks operate on a fractional reserve system where they only have a fraction of all the money on had, meaning not everyone can access their money at the same time. Thus, banks have to limit customer purchases and withdrawals with daily spending limits. With bitcoin, there are no limits whatsoever, you can spend as much as you need with no issue.

4. Incredibly fast international settlement
The current bank system is very outdated, especially when trying to make international transfers and wires. This process normally takes several days for a wire to clear with the bank. Who has time to wait that long? Transactions made with bitcoin are received almost instantly — only a maximum of one hour for proper confirmation.

5. Lower fees
Bitcoin is by far the cheapest way to send international payments. All you have to worry about is the minors fee which is around 20 cents — still less expensive then most transfer methods, including traditional wire transfer, PayPal, credit cards, and many, many more.

6. It is impossible for your account to be levied
You are the only one that has access to your private key(s), so your money cannot be hacked or controlled without your wallet key. This allows you to be in complete control of every single penny of your funds.

7. 24-7 access to your money (seriously though)
With bitcoin, you are not restricted to “business hours of operation.” You have your secure private key(s) and can access your money whenever you want, no third party intervention (a.k.a. banks).

Still not convinced? Check out our site at to make a transaction and see for yourself how easy everything becomes when you are your own bank.

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Want to purchase bitcoins? Look no further! Buying bitcoins has never been easier, with Since the launch of their site, it is now possible to buy bitcoins all around Europe using some of your favorite online payment methods, including iDeal, MisterCash/Bancontact, Sofort, and GiroPay, fast. is looking to be at the very front of this new and upcoming technological trend with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is far more advanced when compared to other cryptocurrencies. It is only a matter of time now before cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin, become completely mainstream, and the value of bitcoin continues to grow exponentially each year. believes that anyone and everyone should be able to acquire bitcoin. Bitcoin guarantees that your money will not disappear, ever. It is incredibly safe and secure to hold as private money, as well as making transactions. Owning bitcoin is as good as gold, only in digital format. makes the process of buying Bitcoin easy and efficient, saving customers the hassle of waiting for their bitcoins to be deposited into their wallets. Don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet? Not a problem. also creates a wallet automatically for customers who do not already have one.

Looking to make larger bitcoin orders? can also facilitate larger transactions for institutional investors, professional fund managers and high net-worth individuals. We understand that buying large BTC quantities can seem impossible, which is why aims to be a market-maker as well as providing quick access to anyone, regardless of transaction quantity.

Visit our website at to become part of this evolution of money by buying Bitcoin today!

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Did you miss us? is back up and running!

After launching a bitcoin exchange platform site two months ago, had to forcefully shut down temporarily due to excessive traffic in May 2017. In the past month, we have been rigorously working towards improving the overall customer experience and making the process of buying bitcoins easier.

We have been preparing ourselves to handle immense traffic on the site, as the value of bitcoin continues to grow. Since the beginning of last week, the site has relaunched, and we at Bitmoney are excited to get back into the game of exchanging bitcoins.

Currently, the exchanges made on our site are only available in select European countries that accept iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact / MisterCash, and GiroPay. Though limited at the moment, these four online payment methods are guaranteed to be safe and secure when making exchanges for bitcoins.

We are looking to expand on our payment options by incorporating major credit card payments in the very near future to increase accessibility throughout Europe. Additionally, due to the recent boom in the value of Litecoin, we are also aiming to allow for the purchase of litecoin as well as the exchange of litecoin for bitcoin via the four current payment methods.

Want to buy your bitcoins fast and easy? Visit our site to make your exchange!

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Buy Bitcoin with Mistercash / Bancontact

You can now buy Bitcoin with Bancontact / Mistercash from

After adding Bancontact / Mistercash as a payment option, we have seen significant adoption of people from Belgium buying Bitcoin. Bancontact / Mistercash is the most used payment method in Belgium and we offer up to 200€ purchases of Bitcoin without any registration or ID when buying with this payment method.

Bitmoney will automatically create wallet for anyone that has no Bitcoin wallet and will automatically transfer the purchased Bitcoin upon payment completion to the newly created wallet. This payment method will allow anyone from Belgium to easily and efficiently start buying Bitcoin.

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Buy Bitcoin with Prima Banka

One of the supported banks within our system is Prima Banka, founded in 1993. If you hold a bank account in Prima Bank in Slovakia, you can now easily buy Bitcoin on Bitmoney and have the Bitcoin develivered to your wallet in less than 10 minutes.

We offer payment via Prima Bank with Sofort and accept any amount up 1000€ for new customers, and up to 10.000€ per day for registered customers.

On Bitmoney you can buy with a variety of payment methods, and we aim to support every single bank and card option via seamless and direct payment integration to speed up the process of acquiring Bitcoin.

Prima Banka is a well established bank in Slovakia and is a safe method to buy with on Bitmoney. Your payment is guaranteed and secure via our website. Have questions about Bitcoin or our services? Email us on [email protected] for any questions.

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Buy Bitcoin with Sofort

Bitmoney offers customers from 4 countries to buy Bitcoin instantly with via the Sofort payment system. Sofort is a payments system that connects more than 100 banks in Europe, and allows anyone with a bank account in one of the supported banks to pay via the Sofort system.

Sofort is currently the most used payment system in Germany and second largest payments system in Austria. At we have teamed up with Sofort to offer a fast, efficient and safe way to purchase Bitcoins.

We support Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Span and Italy. Some of the larger banking institutions in these banks are fully supported via our Sofort implementation, such as ING Bank in The Netherlands, to Deutsche Bank in Germany and Santander in Spain. We support more than 100 banks in total via our system, and all payments via the Sofort platform to Bitmoney are instant, and we send you the Bitcoin purchase instantly after payment confirmation.

To see more payment options that we offer, please visit our Payments Methods page on

Read More… opens up for Bitcoin purchase is finally opening its door publicly to allow anyone in the Eurozone to purchase Bitcoin with their favorite payment method. At the moment is supporting Sofort that mainly covers Germany and Austria, iDeal that covers The Netherlands, Mistercash that covers Belgium and EPS, which is another popular payment method for the German speaking territories. will in the near future be adding more payment methods, which will span from Credit and Debit cards, to payment methods widely used by specific industries such as the gambling industry.

With you wont even need a Bitcoin wallet, as you will automatically get a wallet created upon payment confirmation for your purchase. Interested in making your first Bitcoin purchase? Go to and buy the currency of the future.

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