The big two cryptocurrencies that everyone seems to be focusing their attention on are bitcoin and ethereum. Both are very strong and have seen significant gains in the last year. But have you heard about litecoin?

Litecoin, though not as high in value as bitcoin and ethereum, has had a boost in the recent months as well. Now at about $52 per litecoin, this cryptocurrency is also proving to be popular amongst crypto-enthusiasts looking to fill the e-wallets with solid investments.

Like bitcoin and ethereum, litecoin is fully decentralized without any control from central authorities. The blockchain network is completely secure, allowing individuals who own this cryptocurrency to be in full control of their finances. Litecoin owners also get to experience faster transaction confirmation. With more substantial support from the crypto industry, liquidity and trade volume, litecoin will surely compliment bitcoin in the future as a cryptocurrency.

Because of this potential, is looking to incorporate litecoin purchase and exchange on their site. Users will soon be able to exchange litecoins for bitcoins (and vice versus), as well as purchasing litecoin directly from

If is already your favorite bitcoin purchasing platform and you are looking to fill your e-wallet with even more cryptocurrency, keep checking back for updates about integrating litecoin into this platform.

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