The Netherlands, though relatively small when compared to other European countries with a population of about 17 million, is proving to be a major player on the world stage when it comes to embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2014, when bitcoin was still somewhat new, Arnhem, one of the larger cities in the Netherlands and closer to the German border, became the first city to have general supermarkets that accept bitcoin.

Since May of 2014, more and more shop owners joined the supermarkets and started accepting bitcoins as well, so there is a greater diversity of products that people can pay for with cryptocurrency.

More recently, back in March of this year, Hendrik Jan Hilbolling and Peter Klassen convinced ten different merchants, who owned shops set up along a canal in the Hague, to start accepting bitcoin as payment in their stores. This line of shops is now referred to as the first “Bitcoin Boulevard” in the Netherlands. The Boulevard includes nine restaurants as well as an art gallery.

This breakthrough idea has attracted a lot of attention from the media. The concept of a bitcoin boulevard makes the statement that a city is open to new technology as our global economy shifts towards a crypto economy.

In the Netherlands there is an abundance of places where you can pay with bitcoins. Many of those places are online shops, but we can find nice spots all over the country where you can sit down and spend your bitcoins on a nice meal or a cool drink.

Here are some other well-known places within the Netherlands that are now accepting bitcoin as payment:


Looking for accommodation that accepts bitcoin? easyHotel Amsterdam City Centre and Cocomama Hotel are two hotels in the very popular and trendy “Pijp” neighborhood just south of the scenic canal rings of the historic Amsterdam city centre that allows guests to book their stay and pay with bitcoins.

As for sightseeing, the Netherlands is known for biking as the main form of transportation. Starbikes in Amsterdam allows you to rent bikes with bitcoin for as little as 5 euros for half a day.

If biking isn’t necessarily your thing, Amsterdam Boat Events, offers a series of bitcoin-friendly options for spending a portion of your trip on the lovely canals that Amsterdam is known for.

Head over to Cafe Kobalt, which is within walking distance of Amsterdam’s Central Station for a bite to eat or a quick drink, and of course, you can pay with bitcoin.


Delft has a great variety of pubs and restaurants, but a popular favourite is De Waag — the first restaurant accepting bitcoins in The Netherlands. It is situated on the “Markt”, which is the main square in Delft. It offers not only great cappuccinos and pastries, but it is also located in a beautiful, traditional Dutch-style building.

3. ONLINE is a popular food delivery service in the Netherlands, and for the past six months has been accepting bitcoin as payment. Now it is even easier to pay for food delivered straight to your door.

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