BYOB – Be Your Own Bank: only a few reasons why Bitcoin is better than banking

Cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin, have become the hot new topic in recent news, particularly in banking, but why? We’ve put together a short list of reasons below as to why bitcoin is better than traditional banking systems:

1. You do not need permission to use bitcoin
Normally, opening a bank account or applying for a credit card is a long and very drawn-out paperwork process, making it a hassle for customers in the end. However, bitcoin is free and accessible to everyone! (That’s what is doing, anyways).

2. Bitcoin is trans-national digital currency
There is no third party involvement when trying to exchange bitcoins or in bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin makes it easier to not only transfer funds across nations, but it also maintains a thorough back-end ledger of transaction history.

3. No spending limits
Banks operate on a fractional reserve system where they only have a fraction of all the money on had, meaning not everyone can access their money at the same time. Thus, banks have to limit customer purchases and withdrawals with daily spending limits. With bitcoin, there are no limits whatsoever, you can spend as much as you need with no issue.

4. Incredibly fast international settlement
The current bank system is very outdated, especially when trying to make international transfers and wires. This process normally takes several days for a wire to clear with the bank. Who has time to wait that long? Transactions made with bitcoin are received almost instantly — only a maximum of one hour for proper confirmation.

5. Lower fees
Bitcoin is by far the cheapest way to send international payments. All you have to worry about is the minors fee which is around 20 cents — still less expensive then most transfer methods, including traditional wire transfer, PayPal, credit cards, and many, many more.

6. It is impossible for your account to be levied
You are the only one that has access to your private key(s), so your money cannot be hacked or controlled without your wallet key. This allows you to be in complete control of every single penny of your funds.

7. 24-7 access to your money (seriously though)
With bitcoin, you are not restricted to “business hours of operation.” You have your secure private key(s) and can access your money whenever you want, no third party intervention (a.k.a. banks).

Still not convinced? Check out our site at to make a transaction and see for yourself how easy everything becomes when you are your own bank.

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Want to purchase bitcoins? Look no further! Buying bitcoins has never been easier, with Since the launch of their site, it is now possible to buy bitcoins all around Europe using some of your favorite online payment methods, including iDeal, MisterCash/Bancontact, Sofort, and GiroPay, fast. is looking to be at the very front of this new and upcoming technological trend with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is far more advanced when compared to other cryptocurrencies. It is only a matter of time now before cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin, become completely mainstream, and the value of bitcoin continues to grow exponentially each year. believes that anyone and everyone should be able to acquire bitcoin. Bitcoin guarantees that your money will not disappear, ever. It is incredibly safe and secure to hold as private money, as well as making transactions. Owning bitcoin is as good as gold, only in digital format. makes the process of buying Bitcoin easy and efficient, saving customers the hassle of waiting for their bitcoins to be deposited into their wallets. Don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet? Not a problem. also creates a wallet automatically for customers who do not already have one.

Looking to make larger bitcoin orders? can also facilitate larger transactions for institutional investors, professional fund managers and high net-worth individuals. We understand that buying large BTC quantities can seem impossible, which is why aims to be a market-maker as well as providing quick access to anyone, regardless of transaction quantity.

Visit our website at to become part of this evolution of money by buying Bitcoin today!

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Did you miss us? is back up and running!

After launching a bitcoin exchange platform site two months ago, had to forcefully shut down temporarily due to excessive traffic in May 2017. In the past month, we have been rigorously working towards improving the overall customer experience and making the process of buying bitcoins easier.

We have been preparing ourselves to handle immense traffic on the site, as the value of bitcoin continues to grow. Since the beginning of last week, the site has relaunched, and we at Bitmoney are excited to get back into the game of exchanging bitcoins.

Currently, the exchanges made on our site are only available in select European countries that accept iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact / MisterCash, and GiroPay. Though limited at the moment, these four online payment methods are guaranteed to be safe and secure when making exchanges for bitcoins.

We are looking to expand on our payment options by incorporating major credit card payments in the very near future to increase accessibility throughout Europe. Additionally, due to the recent boom in the value of Litecoin, we are also aiming to allow for the purchase of litecoin as well as the exchange of litecoin for bitcoin via the four current payment methods.

Want to buy your bitcoins fast and easy? Visit our site to make your exchange!

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Buy Bitcoin with Mistercash / Bancontact

You can now buy Bitcoin with Bancontact / Mistercash from

After adding Bancontact / Mistercash as a payment option, we have seen significant adoption of people from Belgium buying Bitcoin. Bancontact / Mistercash is the most used payment method in Belgium and we offer up to 200€ purchases of Bitcoin without any registration or ID when buying with this payment method.

Bitmoney will automatically create wallet for anyone that has no Bitcoin wallet and will automatically transfer the purchased Bitcoin upon payment completion to the newly created wallet. This payment method will allow anyone from Belgium to easily and efficiently start buying Bitcoin.

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Buy Bitcoin with Prima Banka

One of the supported banks within our system is Prima Banka, founded in 1993. If you hold a bank account in Prima Bank in Slovakia, you can now easily buy Bitcoin on Bitmoney and have the Bitcoin develivered to your wallet in less than 10 minutes.

We offer payment via Prima Bank with Sofort and accept any amount up 1000€ for new customers, and up to 10.000€ per day for registered customers.

On Bitmoney you can buy with a variety of payment methods, and we aim to support every single bank and card option via seamless and direct payment integration to speed up the process of acquiring Bitcoin.

Prima Banka is a well established bank in Slovakia and is a safe method to buy with on Bitmoney. Your payment is guaranteed and secure via our website. Have questions about Bitcoin or our services? Email us on for any questions.

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Buy Bitcoin with Sofort

Bitmoney offers customers from 4 countries to buy Bitcoin instantly with via the Sofort payment system. Sofort is a payments system that connects more than 100 banks in Europe, and allows anyone with a bank account in one of the supported banks to pay via the Sofort system.

Sofort is currently the most used payment system in Germany and second largest payments system in Austria. At we have teamed up with Sofort to offer a fast, efficient and safe way to purchase Bitcoins.

We support Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Span and Italy. Some of the larger banking institutions in these banks are fully supported via our Sofort implementation, such as ING Bank in The Netherlands, to Deutsche Bank in Germany and Santander in Spain. We support more than 100 banks in total via our system, and all payments via the Sofort platform to Bitmoney are instant, and we send you the Bitcoin purchase instantly after payment confirmation.

To see more payment options that we offer, please visit our Payments Methods page on

Read More… opens up for Bitcoin purchase is finally opening its door publicly to allow anyone in the Eurozone to purchase Bitcoin with their favorite payment method. At the moment is supporting Sofort that mainly covers Germany and Austria, iDeal that covers The Netherlands, Mistercash that covers Belgium and EPS, which is another popular payment method for the German speaking territories. will in the near future be adding more payment methods, which will span from Credit and Debit cards, to payment methods widely used by specific industries such as the gambling industry.

With you wont even need a Bitcoin wallet, as you will automatically get a wallet created upon payment confirmation for your purchase. Interested in making your first Bitcoin purchase? Go to and buy the currency of the future.

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